Numenera - Far From Farease

Morgr under a hill

In which the party forms, and fights goat-men.

Our story opens on the sleepy aldeia of Farease in the Plains of Kataru. Not much happens in this town. Ever. The last caravan to roll through was several years ago. Aside from that, things have been calm and simple. This would change for a few of the local population.

Local ranchers, Joshua Jericho and Rob Gates, were starting to make plans to hit the road. Joshua needed to find a way to make money to support his family, whose ranch had been hitting hard times. Rob’s wanderlust was kicking in, and traveling with Joshua sounded like a good way to itch it. Coincidentally, Solomon Saxon Silas Salazar and his treasure hunting partner Garrit Lightfinger were also making plans to strike out from Farease.

As the four of them were starting to make their way into town for the day they heard the news; a caravan was arriving. What a stroke of good fortune.

  • Josh and Rob learn about cows disappearing
    • Josh wants to help
    • Rob wants all other ranchers to die
  • Sol and Garrit talk with the merchant
    • Garrit tells the merchant they will recover his wife and daughter
  • The four make their way to where the merchant was ambushed
  • They follow a trail from the ambush
    • Fight spiders that spin metal webs
    • Sol uses something to see what happened in the past, sees margr
    • Sneak up a hill and prepare to ambush the margr
    • Invade the complex in the hill, slaughter margr
    • Bust into margr chief’s room, kill the fuck out of him and scatter the rest
  • Sol, Garrit, and Rob find and interesting dead end
    • After pushing three buttons the floor disappears
      • Rob lands on his head and is concussed
    • All four of them make their way down the corridor at the bottom
    • Fight some scorpions
    • Find something?
  • Return the merchant’s family
  • Agree to investigate the disappearing cows



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