Garrit Lightfinger

A Clever Jack who Explores Dark Places


Garrit is a lithe man just into his thirties. He has black, quick witted eyes that catch upon anything of interest. A worn bow is slung over his shoulder, and a short sword is strapped to his back, the hilt sticking out from beneath a pack loaded full of tools and utility.


Stat Score Edge
Might 13 0
Speed 16 1
Intellect 13 1
Effort 1
Cypher Use Can bear two cyphers at once.
Flex Skill At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense). For the rest of the day, Garrit is trained in that task. Cannot be used to specialize in a trained skill.
Street Smart, not Book Smart Tasks involving lore, knowledge, or understanding are increased by one step.
Hedge Magic (1 Intellect Point) You can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can’t use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. Action.
Skilled with Defense: Speed You are trained in speed defense tasks.


Weapon Mod Damage
Bow - 4
Short Sword +1 step 2
Armor Damage Reduction Might/hr Speed Pool Reduction
Leather Jerkin 1 1 2


  • Explorer’s pack
    • 1 50’ rope
    • Rations (5 days)
    • 1 spike
    • Hammer
    • Warm clothes
    • Sturdy boots
    • 3 torches
    • 2 minor glowglobes
  • Light tools
    • Small tongs
    • Pliers
    • Screwdriver
    • Small hammer
    • Small pry bar
    • Lock picks
    • 10’ string
    • 3’ wire
    • Screws and nails
  • Leather jerkin (light armor)
  • 5 arrows
  • 6 cigarettes
  • 2 pouches
  • Burlap sack
  • First aid kit
  • 36 shins


Tracer (level 1)

Fires a microscopic tracer that clings to any surface within short range. For the next 28 hours, the launcher shows the distance and direction to the tracer, as long as it is in the same direction.

Nerve Gas Bomb (level 8)

Can be thrown in a short range (or, if it has the capabilities, projected up to long range). Bursts in a poisonous cloud within an immediate distance. Living creatures that breathe suffer Speed damage equal to the cypher’s level. The cloud lingers for 1d6 rounds unless conditions dictate otherwise.


Nothing at the moment.


Nothing at the moment.


Garrit doesn’t have much recollection of what he had been doing prior to arriving in Farease as part of a caravan. It’s not something he cares to dwell upon, nor is it something he can. Whenever talk of the past comes up Garrit’s memory is a void. Trying to stare into the void is like staring into the sun, it is blinding and you can see nothing. Once you look away, shadows of what was there will cloud your vision for a few moments only to fade away. Garrit doesn’t worry about the past much because of this.

After arriving in Farease with a caravan Garrit was captivated by the Freezer in the aldeia. The caravan move on a few days later and Garrit stayed on, feeling an itch in the back of his brain that was scratched by digging into the Freezer.

He has spent the past few years in Farease, trying to find out what he can about the Freezer and exploring the local area searching for other numenera. During his time he encountered Solomon Saxon Silas Salazar, and the two started working together on the numenera he was finding. His time in Farease has been pleasant, but his inability to glean more out of the Freezer has made him yearn to travel. Something in the back of his head is urging him to get out and find out what else is out there.


Garrit keeps to himself, quietly observing everyone and everything around him. His black, eyes conceal much of what he is thinking. He has found it difficult to become friends with anyone in Farease, his missing past makes forming bonds with people an unsettling experience. Those people he has become friends with he trusts with his life, and will do whatever is necessary for them. He has a strong sense of purpose, but he finds it easier to guide events in the way he wants rather than steer them. Since he and Solomon have desires that are very much in line with each other, he will often just sit back and advise the nano in order to get decisions made.

His quiet manner does not mean he won’t pitch in when he’s needed. He has a silver tongue and is comfortable using it to weasel out of bad situations.

Garrit Lightfinger

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